Content Migration Refinement for Horry Georgetown Technical College

Working on a redesign for your website? HGTC’s revamped webpages needed additional TLC after running through OmniUpdate’s migration script. For this project, I created new snippets, added updates for accessibility and SEO improvements, corrected broken links and fixed legacy content to look great on mobile.

Sometimes redesigns need to happen fast! If your web team is small or needs a helping hand in preparing your website ready for its big unveil, consider contacting me for information on how I can help!

For this project, I worked with Missy at Horry Georgetown Technical College to help her quickly release the migration of her new beautiful redesign out into the “wild!”

I contributed in the following ways:

  • Reviewed web templates and suggested critical updates–Added missing or incomplete meta tags; implemented improvements for SEO including restructuring header tags; added the school name to page titles; created hover animations and/or colors for better usability; and more.
  • Modified styles for responsive design–Updated the design of the homepage carousel to look consistent on all devices; modified content styles as necessary; and created new classes as needed to assist with the design.
  • Investigated and fixed malfunctioning snippets and widgets–Fixed JavaScript conflicts in forms; corrected misaligned grids and videos; and modified the XSL code as necessary.
  • Updated .tmpl (template) files to be more useful to end-user–Changed default settings to remove unused content; added pieces that users would often be adding back in; suggested improvements for templates; and updated existing pages using Find/Replace for template options.
  • Cross-checked and re-purposed content from previous website–Thoroughly checked, updated and/or documented any discrepancies between the migrated and previous content; added in new content and links as necessary; and sent daily review e-mails for status of web migration.
  • Ran reports–Corrected broken links and fixed file permissions as necessary.

Thanks to Missy for sharing the following client testimonial–what an honor it was to work with her!

“You did a fabulous job, and were a real pleasure to work with. We were totally on the same page, and I would definitely consider using you again!”
Missy Monolo, Horry Georgetown Technical College

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Naropa University

A redesign to help put users’ needs first for the Naropa University website.

Working with the team from OmniUpdate along with Mary Haste from Naropa University, we implemented a redesign for the entire university website.

Unlike other designs I’ve implemented, Naropa University’s wasn’t quite ready to move all pages into the responsive view. We worked through the challenges and created non-responsive and responsive versions using the same Sass base CSS. As they work through updating each page’s outdated elements—removing fixed width content, updating low-quality images with higher-resolution versions and revisiting text—they can then easily switch their page to the responsive version using a page setting in the OmniUpdate CMS!

To ensure user needs were met, accessibility, semantics and improving content were all specific goals of these updated pages. Many colors were modified to be more vibrant and have a higher contrast in order to adhere to recommended color contrast. Are you meeting these standards? Check your own site’s colors!

Visit their updated website at!

Elizabeth City State University Web Redesign

ECSU’s redesign included many creative design pieces that presented fun challenges for implementing in a responsive environment.

In 2015, I worked with Vayakone Sphabmixay from SAX, Inc. implementing their redesign for Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina. There were many creative design pieces that presented fun challenges for implementing in a responsive environment.

Historical Year Timeline

The timeline is both collapsible and adapts to mobile devices. In addition, with this and other dynamic pages developed—such as the Past Presidents of ECSU—a page scroll to the updated area was necessary to orient users to new information.

Custom Weather Feed

If you use OmniUpdate for your Content Management System, you can set your feeds to republish every hour. This is perfect for third-party tools that are only free up to a number of page views. For ECSU, the weather feed was implemented using Weather Underground’s API and is re-published on an hourly basis.

Hover Tiles

The content tiles on ECSU’s admissions page were designed to link to other elements when a user hovers or clicks on a image.

Visit ECSU’s website at to see the variety of page layouts and how they work on your devices—desktop, tablet and mobile!

Northeastern University’s College of Professional Students

Crafting a better responsive experience for higher education.

In the summer of 2014, I had the opportunity to develop the code for a design created by the team at I-SITE, INC. for the College of Professional Students in Boston, MA. Unlike new development work, this redesign required an update to the base code using only minimal CSS.

Before updating, this Web page had used mobile queries to (unfortunately) simply hide the “unnecessary” mobile elements to make the content disappear on smaller devices. However, many sourcesincluding the book “Responsive Web Design (Brief Books for People Who Make Websites, No. 4) ” from Ethan Marcotte—explain that your Web content is important no matter the device!

Using only 200 lines of CSS, I was able to take this page from its previous design to an elegant responsive design which kept all content and formatted it appropriately.

As this was one of the first pages I implemented responsive web design in, it was an interesting and rewarding challenge. If you have a project which needs a quick update to make it mobile friendly, let’s chat!
Visit the updated homepage at